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renewable clean green energy

Heat Pumps can lower your heating bills by up to 75% and use renewable, clean, green energy. They offer comfortable living with online control. East Coast Energy & MasterTherm Ireland, Working Together To Deliver The Optimal Heat Pump Solution

Regis - Heat Pump Customer

Can’t recommend more, East cost Energy just installed a new heat pump to our house (which is quite old) and we can;t be more happy with the job they did. From the advise, design through the final commissioning, they are true professional you can trust. Thanks a lot to East cost Energy for the high quality of their work.


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Why invest in a heat pump?

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Saving the environment & your wallet

Heat Pumps can lower your heating bills by up to 75% and use renewable, clean, green energy. They offer comfortable living with online control. SEAI financial support is available for many installations, which further accelerates payback of your investment. Heat pumps use very little non-renewable energy and greatly reduce your carbon footprint.

East Coast Energy are proud to partner with MasterTherm Heat Pumps. MasterTherm are one of the most reputable and experienced heat pump companies operating in Ireland. They design, manufacture, install, monitor and maintain ground, air and water heat pumps in partnership with their trusted network. 

Heat Pump System Control App

We bring you two apps in association with MasterTherm. 

The first is the Heat Pump Control App which allows users to control every aspect of their heat pump system remotely. 

  • Simple connection of your heat pump to the internet
  • Easy control of all heating circuits and DHW (Domestic Hot Water).
  • Online self-monitoring, system health-check.
  • Controlling via app for tablets and smart phones.
  • No monthly or annual fees for online access.
  • No static IP address requirements or router set up.


Download from the App store or Google play and access the live demo version.

Username: demo Password: mt-demo



Enjoy the savings

on your energy bills

Up to 75% savings using renewable, clean, green energy

SEAI Grants

Houses now built before 2021 can qualify for a new SEAI heat pump grant. If your home was built between 2005 and 2021 it is most likely heat pump grant ready without any additional fabric upgrades or insulation!

Available Grants

Grant Name



Air to Water heat pump system

The most common heat pump system extracts heat from external air using an outside unit.

€ 6500 Any House 

€ 4500 Apartment 

Ground Source to Water heat pump system

A ground source heat pump system uses the earth as a source of renewable heat.

€ 6500 Any House

€ 4500 Apartment 

Exhaust Air to Water heat pump system

Similar to air to water but includes mechanical extract ventilation and heat recovery from the property.

€ 6500 Any House

€ 4500 Apartment

Water to Water heat pump system

This system uses open water, such as lakes, rivers or streams, as a heat source.

€  6500 Any House

€ 4500 Apartment

Air to Air heat pump system

This system distributes heat through air units. They do not provide hot water.

€ 6500 Any House

€ 4500 Apartment

Technical assessment

This assessment is required before you apply for a heat pump grant.

€ 200

Why work with us

Experience & Expertise

Combining over 25 years in heat pump manufacturing at MasterTherm with our long and reputable history as one of Ireland plumbing and heating firms, We bring you the highest quality and most trusted heat pump systems, available in Ireland today.

End to End Heat Pump Solution

Together with MasterTherm we work to design, manufacture, install, monitor and maintain the optimal heat pump system for your building. Quality design, simple and reliable installation, robust build structure, easy access and service are a feature of every system.

We Make It Easy

We make all aspects of your sustainable heating journey easy. From initial design through to installation & maintenance, our systems are designed around your needs, installed by professionals & built to last.

Multi Award Winning Design


MasterTherm external field engineers are multiple award winners, including 18 prestige awards from international exhibitions and are widely recognised across the European industry as being leaders in their field.

Online Control

All heat pumps can be connected to the Internet. Users have the ability to control and monitor units from the Web, iPad or via smartphones (android and iOS).

Extended Warranty

Heat pumps connected to the Internet are continually monitored by our engineers. As a result, we are able to provide these installations with extended warranties of up to seven years.

Imagine the possibilities

Clean, green, renewable energy with all the benefits of saving you money